Dogs in the Office Lead to Higher Productivity

While the source of this study does open it up for some skepticism, who can argue with the message? (other than than those who aren’t fans of dogs) According to an American Pet Manufacturer’s Association survey, companies that allow pets in the workplace see a lower rate of employee absenteeism and more willingness to work longer hours.

What do you think? Are dogs a good thing to have in the office with you? Does your employer allow pets in the workplace? (Pictured is Tupper – an unofficial BWF mascot – on a recent day in the office with his mom…)

As for mascots (official or unofficial) there in lies the social media opportunity. Check out Butler University’s Butler Blue on Twitter and Flickr. Attaching a favorite pet to a social media account does wonders for your organization’s online personality, making it more approachable in the virtual space. So not only can your furry best friend encourage you to work longer hours, but they can be put to work right along side you, too.


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