New favorite tool … Visibli

If you’re looking for ways to measure the success of your social media strategy (which you should be) and are interested in knowing which content is popular among your followers (which you should be), I’d recommend giving Visibli a try. Here’s how it works…

  • Sign in with your Twitter or Facebook accounts
  • Keep your eyes open for email updates from Visibli
  • Use Visibli’s easy-to-understand charts and metrics to follow which links you post are most popular (a recent @BWF_social report is posted below)
How does one use this information? Simple. Pay attention to which types of content are most popular with your followers. Are infographics consistently getting the most hits? How about videos? If so, what kind of videos are being clicked on the most? …messages from your board president? …interviews with recipients of your services? …footage of volunteers in the field? Then, use that information to inform your content strategy (you do have a content strategy, right?). Social media is about forming connections by providing your audience with value – something they want or need. Visibli helps you determine exactly what it is your audience is most interested in by showing you which links you’ve posted are most popular with that audience.

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