A Child’s Right focuses on a Donor’s Right

A Child’s Right, it just so happens, also knows a thing or two about a donor’s right.

If you haven’t yet, check out the new Proving It campaign from A Child’s Right – an organization dedicated to providing children who live in impoverished urban areas with clean water. The focus of “Proving It” is on philanthropic transparency. The organization doesn’t stop at telling donors what their gifts will provide, it continually updates donors on the progress being made by sharing the individual stories from each project in relatively real-time fashion. When it comes to what gets reported, this is truly a no-spin zone — the good and the bad stories all make it to the website. If A Child’s Right makes a mistake or has a problem with one of the projects, that gets reported, too. This is a great idea because…

  1. …it increases believability in the organization.
  2. …transparency like this is usually reserved for staff. Giving your donors as much information as possible is akin to making them honorary board members when it comes to the knowledge they have about the work of the org.
  3. …if the organization is honest about the good and the bad, the case for more support makes itself.
  4. …this is the Internet/social media age. The more interesting, relevant content you can provide your supporters, the stronger a connection they’ll make with your organization.

I’m looking forward to watching A Child’s Right grow with their “Proving It” campaign. If it goes half as well as I suspect it should, this “Child’s Right” campaign could lead to new standards for a donor’s right to know how their money is being used to improve the world.

A Child’s Right “Proving It”

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2 thoughts on “A Child’s Right focuses on a Donor’s Right

  1. Great connection between children’s right to clean to water and donors’ right to “clean” info, Justin! I’m right there with you–excited to see Proving It’s impact on philanthropic transparency.

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