Social Media Increases Alumni Engagement more than 400%

The Thunderbird School of Global Management enjoyed a 400 percent increase in the number of donors – many of them alumni – to its annual end-of-fiscal-year campaign 2010. Everything they did that year was the same, with one exception – Thunderbird had a small team of social media managers creating and monitoring conversations with the school’s supporters for about a year leading up to the campaign.

“Alumni relations is about forming relationships,” said Thunderbird Alumni Relations Coordinator Katie Mayer. It is, and as her work proves, forming relationships via social media translates into more support for your organization. More in the video below…

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5 thoughts on “Social Media Increases Alumni Engagement more than 400%

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  2. This sounds very encouraging! I would be interested to learn more about the actual techniques that your social media managers used to engage with alumni. Did they initiate conversations? Or did they respond to @replies and whatnot? I’m trying to figure this out — what would be welcomed by alums/donors. I don’t want to alienate them or commit a social media faux pas.

    • Sirinya,

      Thunderbird’s social media managers both initiated conversation and responded to @replies, Facebook comments, queries on LinkedIn, etc. More than anything else, they focused on providing their followers with valuable information and media in every way they could. For more on what constitutes “valuable,” have a look at this related post:

      When it comes to committing a social media faux pas, before you post anything, ask yourself, “why would my supporters want to read/watch/see this? If you can’t easily answer that question, you might want to consider retooling your message. Does that make sense?

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