One-day Social Media and Online Campaign Leads to $14 million in Gifts


No other word describes a one-day campaign where a state with less than five million people living within its borders is able to raise nearly $14 million for nonprofit organizations. Yes, that’s 14 followed by six zeroes. That massive philanthropic thrust was accomplished primarily through small gifts and was made possible, because of the vibrant online and social media community alive in Minnesota that came together for the third annual “Give to the Max Day” event. You can learn more about “Give to the Max Day” by following @GiveMN on Twitter or visiting their Razoo page. In a nutshell, GiveMN Day is a fundraising drive fueled by the social media activities of hundreds of nonprofits, large and small, that call the great Gopher State “home.”

So, clearly, social media is an effective fundraising tool. But how are the nonprofits who are the recipients of that $14 million using social media? We asked some of the leaders of those organizations “what impact does social media have on your organization?” Their answers are in the video posted below…

For more news and information on social media in philanthropy, visit

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