Pinterest For Nonprofit Work Done Right

I say it a lot, I’ll say it once more, and probably thousands of times after that – one of the most important questions to ask yourself when determining if online content is post-worthy is as follows, “will my audience find this valuable?” People are looking for something they need when online. Whether that’s a need to laugh, a need for directions, for tips to manage household chores, or just killing time, web surfers are online for a reason. Give them what they’re looking for and you’ve created a relationship. Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity is doing exactly that and creating relationships with people by providing useful tips via their Pinterest boards.

Pay special attention to their “ReStore reuse Ideas” board. It’s relevant to Habitat for Humanity’s mission while also being incredibly valuable to Pinterest users. This board is being populated with helpful tips and advice for homeowners looking for ideas to repurpose what they have around and outside of the house – exactly the type of thing that’s appealing to your average Pinterest user. At the same time, this promotes Habitat’s “ReStore” – a reuse center that accepts and sells donated appliances and building materials.

When considering content, try to envision what your supporters might be Googling. What are some things they need or want to know? Deliver that and they’ll not only find you, but they’ll recognize you as an organization that adds value to their life. Not a bad thing to have your donors and potential donors thinking.

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