How to Shoot Quality Video Using Your Smart Phone

Let’s be clear – producing high quality video takes an experienced producer or team of producers. That said, thanks to modern technology, many of us are walking around with very capable cameras in our pockets right now – your smart phone.

As fund raisers, we often come across great video opportunities, but don’t take advantage of them. It could be a powerful speaker at an event, a prominent donor who unexpectedly shows up at your office, a group of kids doing something inspiring that fits in with your organization’s mission …all great video opportunities that are lost if no one pulls out there camera. With that in mind, the video below gives even the most novice videographer some basic tips to help them produce decent quality videos that can serve as engaging content to be shared on YouTube via the various online and social networks. Again, this isn’t meant to replace the high-quality stuff only a professional can shoot, but it could help you take advantage of spontaneous situations (see the second video below for a great example of how the Mayo Clinic‘s policy of putting a camera in every communicator’s hand paid off in a big way for the healthcare system).

…and here’s the Mayo Clinic video…

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