I Love UD – Another Online Ambassador Campaign Nets Million Dollar Results

ILoveUDHomepageBannerAnother online ambassador program has resulted in a 7-figure-plus fundraising campaign for a higher education institution. This time, it’s the University of Dayton and their I Love UD campaign. In addition to the spectacular fundraising haul and large number of new donors acquired (27 percent of the 3,016 donors were making their first ever gift to Dayton), this online campaign had a strong focus on donor retention. Chad Warren, the brains behind Florida State’s inaugural Great Give goes into detail about I Love UD’s donor retention plan …a plan that was built into the campaign. For specific tips on retaining new donors during online campaigns, start watching at about the 3-minute mark in the video below. Or, watch the whole thing to learn more about just how awesome the first I Love UD campaign was…

To learn more about building online ambassador programs that lead to successful fundraising campaigns, contact BWF’s Director of Interactive Communication Justin Ware, by clicking here.

4 thoughts on “I Love UD – Another Online Ambassador Campaign Nets Million Dollar Results

  1. This is an impressive case study– thanks for sharing! It’s good to see university advancement teams demonstrating how social media can be an effective component to fundraising campaigns.

    • Thanks for your comment! This is yet another online fundraising campaign that has brought in hundreds, if not thousands of first-time donors for a higher ed institution. When it comes to donor acquisition, online ambassador-based fundraising campaigns are the quite possibly the best tool available to develop pros.

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