Twitter’s Analytics Help Guide Your Content Strategy

Twitter has now made its analytics platform open and free for all users. This is great news for nonprofit conversation managers who are trying to learn more about which content resonates with their followers.

Using Twitter’s analytics is about as simple as reading your own name. The dashboard lists each tweet and tells you how many times that tweet has been favorited, retweeted, or replied to. Most importantly, Twitter’s analytics shows a user the number of times a link they’ve posted was clicked on – whether that action happend directly from your tweet or when someone else shared the tweet doesn’t matter, the action follows the link.


There is more than one way to leverage the information from Twitter’s analytics, but one of the most obvious applications is tracking the popularity of your content. We recommend that a component of any online and social media strategy is a content sub-strategy. And that content sub-strategy should be dynamic and constantly changing based on what your audience(s) is telling you. Twitter’s analytics help show which content is most appealing to your audience …and that should directly impact your future content plans.

Wanna learn more about tracking online and social media analytics? Click here to connect with Director of Interactive Communication Justin Ware.


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