HOW TO Run a Mini Online Ambassador Campaign

Online ambassadors help drive interest during crowdfunding campaigns.

Online ambassadors help drive interest during crowdfunding campaigns.

Robust online ambassador programs are built around multi-level strategies that include detailed steps for identifying and engaging new ambassadors, stewarding current and potential ambassadors, training and coaching ambassadors to help with fundraising activity, and more. From a strong content marketing strategy to ambassador recognition, a lot goes into successful peer-to-peer marketing programs.

But there are a few, relatively quick and easy things you can do with a small budget and very little staff time. Think of the idea laid out in the video below as a mini online ambassador campaign or, better yet, an online ambassador fundraising test.

Would you rather read than watch? Below are the steps for running a mini online ambassador test campaign:

  • Go to your org’s Facebook page, review the past month’s activity, and identify the people who frequently like, comment on, or (better yet) share your posts.
  • Take the names of those active on your Facebook page to your donor database and see if they’ve made a gift.
    • If they’re in your database, grab their email addresses and create a list for those users.
  • Next, head to your website and create a special page, with GOOD CONTENT (could be a photo gallery or a video) that links to your online giving website.
    • Make sure you have Google Analytics set up for that specific web page.
  • Then, using email, send that specially designed web page to the ambassadors you identified through Facebook.
    • In the email, ask those ambassadors to share that website via their social networks.
  • Using Google Analytics, track the page views, time spent on the page, and the referral source. This data will help you determine the effectiveness of your ambassador effort.

When done right, even a small effort like this could lead to several new donors and a nice boost to fundraising (not to mention the data you’d get to help you understand the potential of a larger ambassador program). Come to think of it, a mini ambassador test would be a GREAT idea for the upcoming year-end campaigns.

Of course, if you’d like to talk more about leveraging ambassadors for your organization’s end-of-calendar-year fundraising campaigns, you can find my contact information by clicking here. In the mean time, good luck with your online crowdfunding efforts!

4 thoughts on “HOW TO Run a Mini Online Ambassador Campaign

    • Agreed! It’s a good idea to always be tracking search terms in Twitter and Instagram for a number of reasons. It can be a great way to uncover supporters for all types of purposes.

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