How to Have a Successful Online Giving Day

Few people know more about creating a successful online giving day than CloEve Demmer, one of the primary architects behind both of Columbia’s massively effective Giving Days, which raised $6.9 million and $7.8 million respectively. In a recent Advancement Live webcast (embedded below), CloEve talks about how Columbia constructed their inaugural Giving Day effort in October 2012.

Higher Ed Live LogoI was also fortunate enough to take part in the Advancement Live webcast where I shared tips on creating an online giving day for your institution. From starting an ambassador program, to building affinity through content marketing, CloEve and I cover all the basics about online fundraising in this hour-long webcast. If you have the time, check it out! (Special thanks to Cornell’s Andrew Gossen for coordinating the hosting the webcast)

Justin Ware is the director of interactive communication at Bentz Whaley Flessner. To learn more about BWF’s work in planning online fundraising campaigns, visit

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