Creating Donor Centric Content Through Segmenting and HyperTargeting

Facebook ads, email, targeted content marketing …with the help of technology, we practically have the ability to know our donors better than themselves. Smart nonprofits will (responsibly and tactfully) use that information to create a personalized donor experience that delivers exactly what our supporters are looking for when they’re online. This leads to more satisfied donors which in turn creates a more dedicated base of support for your organization. The key is segmenting and hypertargeting your messaging based on those segments. The webinar below has tips to help your organization leverage these trends:

Rather not watch the video? Download the slides from the webinar by clicking here.

Justin Ware is the Director of Interactive Communication at Bentz Whaley Flessner. Justin helps clients create six- and seven-figure online fundraising campaigns through peer-to-peer online activity.


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