Knowing Your Audience is (Still) the Key to Good Content

To produce online content that gets shared, commented on, liked, retweeted, pinned and what ever else requires knowing what your core audience likes to share, comment on, like, retweet, pin, and whatever else. This is nothing new. Producing content your audience enjoys has always required knowing a thing or two about your audience. The difference communicators now face in the modern world is this – as soon as your audience is unhappy, literally more than a billion other options are just a mouse click away. To keep eyes on your organization requires knowing exactly what your audience wants before even they know it. Your content should answer the question “what is your audience about to Google?”

SpotOn logoThe following link will take you to a guest post I did for SpotOn – an effort towards helping science educators deliver their message to a larger audience. The focus of the piece is on identifying and connecting with your audience and includes tips toward the bottom of the post…

SpotOn NYC: Telling Stories – Teaching Science Through Valuable Content

Below is the video that led to the blog post and a number of other accolades. I was part of the award-winning team that produced the video, which still stands as one of the most highly-viewed higher ed videos in the world, four years after it was produced. (1.78 million views as of 2/19/13) Above all else, I believe the success came from knowing what our audience would be looking for at exactly the time we released the video. In this case, it was scenes from an upcoming sci-fi movie …with some scientific learning baked in, of course.

For the full piece in SpotOn, click here.

Justin Ware is a fundraising consultant who specializes in online and social media engagement at Bentz Whaley Flessner. To contact Justin, click here.